It can be tough to make decisions as a homeowner, especially when it comes to something as vital as your roofing. You want to make the best choice and do what’s right for your home but you also don’t want to spend money on unnecessary work.

Other home improvement projects are more cosmetic and optional. When it comes to your roof, it’s all about necessity.

What You Should Know About Roofing Contractor Service in Washington DC

You’re debating over whether to contact a roofing contractor or not, so let us help you make some sense of it all.

  • Maybe repairs are an option but is it cost-effective? If repairing your rooftop would cost 50% or more than the current value, then replacement makes more sense financially. Don’t keep pumping money into repairs if you’re still just going to need replacement soon anyway.
  • Roof replacement is a good solution if you have severe damage. Sometimes, repairs are just not enough. Hail is a good example of something that can quickly and easily cause so much damage, the roof is not worth trying to salvage.
  • Consider the age of your roof and the life expectancy for the type of material you have. Asphalt shingles are about 20 years, metal is 50 and tile is over 100, all depending on the amount of care invested into the ongoing maintenance.
  • Maybe you’re ready to make the switch to something more energy-efficient and Eco-friendly. This will save you money on your monthly utility bills but also help save the planet. It’s a win-win.
  • It could even be that you’re ready for something that looks better. Time can take its toll or maybe you’re just tired of looking at a shade of asphalt shingle that no longer pairs well with the exterior house color.

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